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Forwarding ports out from VPN Network to internet network.

December 31, 2015 1k views
VPN Firewall CentOS

Hi guys!
I have far far away a small network with few asterisk servers.
I want to use digitalocean VPS server for routing out my servers to the internet.

I created a VPN connection to my network, so now I have two connections, eth0 and ppp0. Every asterisk server has custom port.

So the question is: How can I forward Sip port from a machine in the VPN network and the RTP ports that are using NAT to eth0?

for Example I have two machines in ppp0 network as and
I want to forward port 7001 + (RTP 10000 - 20000) from to eth0 ip, and port 7003 + (RTP 10000 - 20000) from to eth0 ip

OS: Centos 6.7.

Please Advice.

P.S Happy Holidays.

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