FreeBSD - does pkg work for you?

January 16, 2015 1.7k views

I setup a brand new FreeBSD droplet, and find that pkg search, pkg install, etc. does not find anything.

More details:

I'm curious if others are seeing the same thing.

  • We haven't seen other reports of this and it looks like you've resolved the issue based on the forum thread you linked to but if you encounter it again please open a ticket with our support team so they can investigate further.

  • Didn't see this issue with my droplet with the standard freebsd repo, but at one point with my poudriere repo I had some issues with the database getting out of sync, pkg update -f fixed it on my side :)

  • It's worth noting that if you use poudriere (to allow building your own packages with the options you desire), it really doesn't take up a huge amount of space.

    Here's what I have for a small AMP build:

    [root@newns /usr/local/poudriere]# pkg info | wc -l
    [root@newns /usr/local/poudriere]# du -h -d 2
    4.0K    ./data/queue
    8.0K    ./data/.m
    118M    ./data/packages
     22M    ./data/logs
    3.3M    ./data/cache
    144M    ./data
    1.4G    ./jails/10_1
    1.4G    ./jails
    1.5G    .
    [root@newns /usr/local/poudriere]#

    It's a bit slow to build, but I'm using the quarterly ports tree, so in general I'm only going to build 4 times/year.

  • I am giving a try to the 10.2 image, but unfortunately is broken, anyway you can fix it by editing file:/etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf and replace line url with:

    url: "pkg+",
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