From Plesk 12 to DigitalOcean?

January 27, 2016 1.5k views
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Although i get very cheep VPS and Plesk Host licence, i'm willing to move from current provider.

I can do that manually and maintain emails, web page configs and everything else manually but we will agree that that is a nightmare.

So i'm looking for some elegant way/not so complicated, to move and maintain ~40 domains and about 100 email accounts.

I was looking for free alternatives for plesk, but so far, i just saw many complications, nothing elegant....

Anyone had similar requirement???

  • I used ISPConfig before , really nice Open Source software with all the features you need. Just takes some time to setup but after its done your free of trouble.

  • Personally I only have worked with importing Plesk accounts on cPanel and Plesk servers. You may end up wanting to going with a paid control panel simply for the support and ease of migration.

  • Only thing which keeps me with Plesk is that they have simplified many things, it's much more stable, it's easy to set backup there and VERY EASY to migrate... nothing else!

    ISPConfig and some others, ether don't function 100% as shown. You usually see more options than in function.

    Sometimes it's very hard to understand where all the config files are located.
    Hard to make migration.
    Very hard to upgrade the system.
    Hard to make any king of backup/restore!!!
    Require separated IDS.. etc.

    I relay wish to find something better... easier.. more convenient and free.

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