Full Server Backup on Amazon Glacier

June 15, 2015 4.2k views
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Hi folks,

is there any tutorial on how to manage manually a full server backup to amazon glacier ?

  • interesting topic. I just read about amazon glacier, and was considering it for the same thing.

    at the moment I am using amazon S3 buckets to back up each of my servers. The cost was getting too high for me, so I was considering switching to glacier.

    However, I discovered that I was able to tweak my rsync script, and the cost dropped to around 25 cents a day, for backing up 10 different servers on a daily basis.

    Glacier would reduce the costs further so I am considering doing something like a monthly backup to glacier.

    Have you explored it at all? How far have you gotten. It took a lot of reading just to get S3 working.

  • Hey, you can actually do it quite simple with CloudBerry Backup.They have this blog post explaining basically everything you need to know about how to set it up http://www.cloudberrylab.com/blog/how-to-sign-up-for-amazon-glacier-and-cloudberry-backup/ and if you research their blog, you'll find more information on how to play around with Glacier. The solution also does encryption and compression, which is cool.

    They have a freeware file manager CloudBerry Explorer as well. It looks like a classy Total Commander and allows you to upload and browse data in your cloud storage, e.g. Glacier . It was first specifically designed for Amazon storage and then they supported many other cloud storage providers. I've heard that people from Amazon use this tool themselves.

    I've scheduled an automated backup with Glacier myself and it is not that hard as it might seem. Especially, if you have already got to know S3.

  • at first glance, it looks like that is specifically for Windows computers?

  • They have a beta version for Mac available and I also read that they are releasing Mac and Linux support for their solutions next week. So maybe it makes sense to check them in a week or so.

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