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On my server Counter Strike I have this plugin gameme (site:, this gameme displays the players stats, the plugin can display the player stats inside the game if only I don’t have this problem, they need to access the game server on “rcon interface” (that’s what they told me), the problem is they can’t access the game server it says “gameserver timeout”. The reason is if the server is behind router or has firewall installed. I didn’t installed a firewall, I don’t know if this server is behind a router thou.

I dont know why it still not working, all my settings is correct they just can’t access the server. Does anyone have tried this already and know whats the problem ?

Thank you.

  • Is your game server hosted on a droplet or a local computer? If it’s on a droplet, make sure you don’t have any firewall rules blocking connections to the game server – what’s the output of sudo iptables-save?

    Otherwise, try configuring port forwarding on your router so that connections to the game server’s port on your public IP address get routed to the game server.

  • @kamaln7 there’s nothing on the list of iptables, yes the game server is on the droplet, players can connect to the server.

  • What port is gameme trying to connect to? Can you pastebin the output of the following command (when run on your droplet):

    sudo netstat -plutn
    sudo iptables -L -n -v
  • @kamaln7 The game server port is 27015 they only want to connect to that port. Both UDP and TCP should be open.

    netstat / iptables :

  • That’s weird, everything looks fine – it should just work. Can you double check if the IP address is correct? If it is, please post the full error that you are getting and your droplet’s IP address.

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