hosting website DNS error

October 3, 2014 3k views

I have planned to change my DNS in my domain website, but it shows me the following error "NameServer should be in proper NameServer should be in proper format". I used Vesta control panel for hosting.

  • Hello santhoshsri2002 you need to be a little more explanatory about the issue.

    1. Where do you see this error ?
    2. Where did you try to change the DNS from ? Vesta Control Panel or Digital Ocean ?
  • Hi I have registered my domain in this website "", I have added the website in the Vesta control panel, once I have created the DNS has been created by default "" and I am trying to paste this DNS details to "" , here it shows me the error as should be in proper format.

  • Hai DarkSaint, is my answer is clear to you, is there any solution for me...

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