"hosts" dashboard doesn't update

September 26, 2015 772 views
Getting Started

I'm trying to refresh the "hosts" view showing the interconnect between different nodes running packetbeat agents during the specified interval (e.g. "last 6mins to a minute ago") but it doesn't.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.

I start a test with interconnect between the nodes node1 <=> node2 <=> node3.
I verify the "hosts" dashboard showing node1 - node2 - node3
I inject an error causing node2 and node3 to be unable to talk.
I expect to see, node1 - node2.
However I continue to see node1 - node2 - node3.
Changing the time-interval and refresh doesn't seem to affect this dashboard. The other dashboards, transactions, errors, etc. seem to update fine for the specified time interval.

Can you please clarify what I'm missing here?

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