How do I combine Wordpress + MyMail Newsletter plugin + Amazon SES on a droplet?

March 14, 2015 3.5k views
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Hi all,

Would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. Full disclosure: I am a newbie at the command line/console/ssh - hence I need everything spelled out explicitly.

I have a wordpress blog installed, running on nginx + varnish as a reverse proxy for load balancing.

I decided to self host my email newsletter plugin as opposed to outsourcing to MailChimp/Aweber etc.

I ended up purchasing this:

I installed it fine on my Wordpress blog.

My understanding of the processes required is as follows:

  1. Create email(s) + have a POP mail server which can handle all these difference emails.

  2. Fill out these emails into the MyMail wordpress plugin

  3. Provide Amazon these emails to authenticate so that I can use Amazon SES

  4. Insert the CNAME for DKIM for whole domain authentication.

Thus, the net process would be

Wordpress Plugin (MyMail) sends mail via -> My DigitalOcean Droplet Mail Server -> Amazon SES -> Newsletter recipient.


  1. As it currently stands, both the emails and also the domain continue to remain "pending verification" on Amazon, despite me having added the TXT records and CNAME records to my DNS details in the DigitalOcean control panel.

  2. I tried installing postfix using this guide - but I do not know how to link the MyMail plugin in Wordpress to use postfix.

  3. I do not know if I need a Mail Server and if so how to link the Wordpress newsletter plugin to said mailserver. Or how to create additional emails on the mailserver.

I have previously been using Dreamhost where creating new email addresses was an easy prospect given the cPanel.

Anyway, would really appreciate some step by step help.

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