How do I create directories and push files to server using Linux?

June 29, 2015 2.7k views
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I am a Laravel developer who is intermediate, but I am coming from a shared hosting environment. I already had a developer setup the droplet and push everything to the server using a deploy key from github. He does not care to show me so I need to know how to take the files and upload them to the server. He created a directory for testing and one for production via the CLI. How do I change the directory in the future or access it. I understand filezilla and have the file paths and can connect, but I need to know the steps he basically did to get where we are at now so I can do it myself from scratch. I know very little with Linux, but it is just commands so it cannot be too complicated.

  • what OS are you using for your client computer (the computer you are sitting at)

  • mac OS X Yosemite

  • sftp will be what you want. Transmit looks nice, though it costs $34.

    another is Fugu.

    here is a little walk-through of some of using sFTP on os X:

  • Hmm. Thank you for posting, but I already use sFTP with filezilla. I am asking how he created directories for the server for dev and production so I can recreate that environment if I need to and then push files the way he did. There is no control panel as this was done through the CLI using a github deploy key. I do not mind using sFTP and a client like filezilla to push files, but how did he most likely set that up. I am on Ubuntu 14.04 x64.

    Also, he has nginx database on server. How do I access this like he did since there is not control panel?

  • You can install phpmyadmin to help manage your database ( I am guessing you mean MySQL database rather than nginx database)

    For the rest, I am not very clear on what you mean. At first glance it sounds like you want to know how to create directories on your droplet...which you should be able to do with your sFTP client.

    But re-reading, I am getting the impression that you want to tweak your web-server to use certain directories for your website.

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