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How do i make my network secured

December 19, 2015 1.7k views
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Hello all,

My Employer just open a small Veterans Community Resource Center. He has a small lab which consist of:

3 Desktop computers with Windows 8.1 Home Edition. (installed. In the lab area, one for Guest and the other two are for feature students when we start teaching basic computer classes.)
4 Desktop computers with Windows 8.1 Home Edition. (employees are using for their personal use.)
1 Linksys 8 port Gigabit Ethernet switch
4 printers with NIC's
1 ZyXEL external security firewall with
1 Cable Modem
1 Touchstone Telephony modem
1 Virtual Server with FreePBX-Cent OS Linux 6 which is in the cloud (
4 Polycom SoundPoint phones

Everything is hardwired through the firewall and the Linksys. One cable is connected from cable modem to the firewall port.

He hired me as his IT Tech. Actually; I'm a certified computer technician with an A+ Certification only. He tossed me in this position blind folded. He said you'll learn as you go. I said okay with an uneducated look. I’m new at this. I want to become better. I want his network to be so secure that I can’t hack into it.

I got this far from learning bits and pieces from YouTube and the like. My network is not stable and I have to constantly change the network addresses to slow down the hackers. I’m falling in love with linux commands.

Are there any good links to go to for studying (free). I love this stuff and want to become better. Any suggestions?

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  • Hey there,

    I have a few questions about your scenario:

    • Is there anything on the computers needing extra security (private data, etc)
    • What types of attacks / hacking attempts are you seeing and need to mitigate?

    Happy coding,

    Jon Schwenn
    Platform Support Specialist

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