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How do i recover from a botched database upgrade

June 9, 2015 2.3k views

I am running an Ubuntu 14.04.2 server on my digital ocean droplet. I am also running owncloud (current release is 8.0.3 but i was a point release behind...8.0.2 maybe). i was also a bit behind on updates so i ran apt-get upgrade this morning and i was faced with the option of upgrading my mysql server to mariadb. i read the box which told me mariadb is a drop in replacement to mysql so i clicked yes and thought everything would be fine, but it isn't. now the database daemon wont even start AND i have no owncloud now. Can anybody help me...can you point me in the right direction for information? Thanks.

  • run this for me, please:

    log_file=$(cat /etc/my.cnf|grep "log_error"|cut -d '=' -f2); tail -200 $log_file

    Give me the output, so I can see any errors that are happening.

    If that fails, run this:

    log_file=$(cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf|grep "log_error"|cut -d '=' -f2); tail -200 $log_file

    EDIT: globals have it as log-error, config file has it as log_error

  • As I have time to kill this morning, contact me direct. look at my profile, and my e-mail is first name at domain name


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