How do I remove the "www" when I use my permanent IP adress

October 7, 2016 892 views
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When I got to my IP address it adds a www and my FTP files wont load,
Im using Ubunto 14.04.5 x64

  • What dns service or Register are you using?

    you need to apply more info to this question
    so we can help.

  • You are not providing any information to allow us to help you solve your problem. A few pieces of information that would be helpful:

    • Where is "www" appearing? Is the address bar showing a URL when you want it to display the IP address?

    • What software are you running on Ubuntu 14.04? WordPress, another CMS?

    • The domain name/IP address you are having trouble with.

    Without at least some of this information it is not at all clear what you are asking.

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