I manage all of my expenses with privacy.com. Reliable, convenient and most importantly: significantly safer than using my actual card.

This year alone I saved $1500 because a hacker breached a reputable SaaS company and, as a result, my card information was leaked. Fortunately, because it was my privacy.com card, all of the superfluous charges were blocked.

When I try to use privacy.com with DigitalOcean, it says that pre-paid cards aren’t accepted. How can I get around this?

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How unfortunate.

Moving to GCloud. Feel free to close my account.

Bummer. I was going to sign up to learn Kubernetes and move my existing SkySilk VMs over, But like you - I have moved all my online recurring bills to privacy.com

Also disappointed at this. Had a couple apps I was going to move to DO as I remembered liking the service, but if I can’t protect my payment info it’s a no-go and I will be choosing AWS instead – which I am absolutely not excited about.

Hello, @alec3df99d59db974a46bbbd4e

Because up to 80% of abusive sign-ups use virtual, electron, or prepaid cards, we currently do not accept these payment methods.

You can check our Payments documentation via this link:



Really disappointed in this as well. Privacy.com even has a DigitalOcean card customization available. DO gets to protect themselves, but won’t let customers do the same.