How fast are tag changes picked up by load balancers?

January 15, 2019 14.5k views
Load Balancing

I’m considering using tags for connecting load balancers to droplets. I’m wondering how fast changes in tags of droplets (via API calls) are picked up by the load balancers targeting those tags. It seems to be picked up within a second, but what kind should I expect, what guarentees does Digital Ocean give about this? Does an accepted tag change via the API guarantee that the load balancers already have picked it up?

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That’s a good SLA question on the API. But I can see how this would apply to almost all time critical calls. But if I were to entertain some possible scenarios… Is the backend of the API call sync or async? Does it involve a queue/dequeue action and is it a push or pull to/from the LB. So many questions. A dev can help though if that isn’t documented in the API, it’s not guaranteed.


@unixynet I agree, it would be really cool to get some in insights into this! I don’t mind if there won’t be any guarantees.

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