How many request per second can Digital ocean server handle?

September 5, 2015 2.5k views
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Im currently working on an app but i will need some kind of backend server to handle all the data. I love using Digital ocean for web-applications but this time i was thinking of using digital ocean for the backend of my app. I seen many other servers use a term called "Request per second". I was wondering how would i be able to calculate how many request per second i would get ?

Daily prediction of users would be around 5k, i would use a php script the handle the requests.

Thank you andvance

  • Hard to say; depends on your virtual hardware, the php framework, the php script, the optimalisation of your server, etc. But you could check out articles like this:

  • Well as of hardware, i was going to use to $10 digial ocean hosting, and as of frame work, i may use the laravel 4 framework. The script i will probably be doing is just request to the server and then returning some kind of json.

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