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How set up DNS with scandinavian letters?

October 3, 2015 1.9k views
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I have one droplet with currently six domains. Every domain is working fine. Now I encountered some problems when I was trying to set up a DNS for domain with scandinavian letters.

I have a domain and now I want domain karhunelämää.fi to be redirected to this

However I can not set the DNS correctly. First I tried to setup DNS for karhunelämää.fi but it was not possible. The I tried to setup DNS for but it is not working either.

So how to setup DNS correctly? Or is it even possible?

  • Did you enter your A-record like this? (notice the extra dot at the end)

    and it may take a couple hours until the domain name is propagated

  • Yes, the dot is added automatically I think.

    However the domain works now. I was just too hasty and this time it took more time for the domain to propagate - as you just said!

    So there is no problem. Sorry and thanks for the answer sugarhill!

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