how to block my phone from the vps?

February 11, 2015 2.1k views

My android phone wlan mac is x1:x2:x3:x4:x5:X6
I want to block the phone to logon in the vps.
here is the iptable command:
iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source x12345:X6 -j DROP

I found that it can't block my android phone to logon in the vps.
How to write the iptable rule?

  • How would you expect your VPS to see your phone's MAC address? That is, unless you go creative with a VPN, which I'd imagine would ruin the whole point.

  • Oh, and out of curiosity, what are you hoping to gain by blocking your phone on the network layer?

  • Sure you can! set your sshd_config to use only keys for logging in.

    no key on your phone, your phone will not be able to login..

    no need to mess with mac addresses. Here is a tutorial on how to configure ssh:


  • I guess he lost his phone with ssh/vpn access configured on it.
    Internet doesn't care about mac address, so what you need to do is to change passwords, or ssh keys if you use one.

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