how to configure sendmail to use with PHP?

September 25, 2014 5.1k views


i would like to send out emails from my php script. when users signup, i would like to send them welcome email. on Hostgator shared hosting i can use mail() function and everything works without a problem. here on DigitalOcean, nothing happens. i did install sendmail and sendmail is active. i tested it with telnet (i managed to connect but email wasnt send). i also added sendmail path to php.ini but when i use mail() function email never arrives. i am not sure if sendmail actually sends emails or it deletes them or what happens? how does sendmail on my droplet handles those emails? if i set FROM to is that ok? should i put something else in from field? i used and nothing happened.

how can i find out what is going on? i am lost.... :( please dont point me to other threads, i read most of them...

thank you,

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