How to do my raketasks on ruby on rails and postgres

January 11, 2017 680 views
Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Ubuntu

Good Day.

I've been following this tutorial to deploy my rails app

But i got stuck on this step:

Run Rake Tasks

When i use the command ". /etc/default/unicorn" i get the message "-bash: /etc/default/unicorn: No such file or directory"

So i try to run the tasks directly on my app like in any other project "rake db:create" and I get the next message:

"rake aborted!
PG::ConnectionBad: fe_sendauth: no password supplied"

Yeah my database doesn't have a password, that how DigitalOcean gave it to me when I started this tutorial, and I don't find any tutorial to tell me how to change my password database or any related information.

I don't know if the unicorn installation failed, but I can't find the unicorn folder anywhere, bundler installed the gem correctly so I don't see where is the problem.


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