How to install PhpMyAdmin on lsws with MariaDB

December 19, 2015 2.1k views
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I am trying to install phpmyadmin on this type of set up:

CentOS 7.1 x64
MariaDB 5.5.44
OpenLiteSpeed (lsws)
PHP 7.0.0 (lshttpd)

When I download phpmyadmin from:

I upload the folder, uncompressed to the server and when I try to login, I get redirected back to the login screen.

I tried recommendations such as allowing phpmyadmin to write to the config file, nothing happens.

I tried going to the default config file and adding a reference to the mysql socket, and tried to login, get an index error.

I even tried installing from the command line, but I can't seem to create a symbolic link that OpenLiteSpeed will interpret as a folder.

I have tried a lot of things but nothing has worked. Anyone know what to do?

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