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How to make sure that would work settings from the file /etc/phpMyAdmin/

October 12, 2014 2.6k views

Hello. I do not use Apache. I use a bunch of nginx + php-fpm + mariadb. I
established myself PhpMyAdmin all set properly and I was able to go But there is one problem that the file is
/etc/phpMyAdmin/ completely ignore. I even deleted it but
continues to work PhpMyAdmin. It is necessary to configure PhpMyAdmin, but
the system did not see /etc/phpMyAdmin/ How to make so that would take into account the settings in the file /etc/phpMyAdmin/

  • Did you use an automated install of phpMyAdmin (APT, YUM, etc)?

  • Yes automaton established in the / etc / phpMyAdmin /.
    I found a file with which to take the default usr / share / phpMyAdmin / librares / config.defaul.php
    But I can not understand why does not work this file /etc/phpMyAdmin/
    If there are the settings, he should replace them, those that are in the file usr / share / phpMyAdmin / librares / config.defaul.php

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