Hi, I have an App (not a droplet) and I need to move or copy files from apps apps@xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx:~$ to /workpace/.tmp folder.

I cannot copy or move files to that folder, I cannot find how to change to root users or get more permissions.

Is it possible to copy or move files to /workpace/.tmp folder? How can I do that?


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Hi @gonzalogg,

Please note that app instances have ephemeral local storage. Any files created after the build will not persist on disk and will be reset when the app is redeployed, restarted, or scaled.

Can you tell me more about what kind of files you need to transfer so I can try and point to a suitable solution?

  • Hi, I just want not to overwrite my database and uploades files on each deploy.

    I do not know how to do that. Maybe there is a way to change database folder (sqllite file) and then to avoid overwritten of uploaded files, or download files before deployment and upload them to giHub repo to be included when deployment.

    My original idea was to move files from/to /workpace/.tmp folder to achive that.


    • I see. Unfortunately you will need to use an external database such as a Managed DBaaS instance, your own database running on a regular Droplet (you can use one click images), or a 3rd-party service.

      The problem with an sqlite database is that the local filesystem is ephemeral and can be reset at any time, even if you don’t create a new deployment, for example if your app crashes and is restarted or if there’s maintenance on the server that your app is running on.