How to optimize an ubuntu server for mysql server only

June 15, 2015 3.1k views
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Hello fellow coders. Currently I'm studying how to use nginx with docker and codeigniter and deploy the entire thing.. Pretty much everyone recommends a separate database server. Obviously the best practice is to setup a new instance and install the database software -in that case Maria db for me - but is that all you need the do? What kind of optimization should I make I order to have a production ready database?

  • Will you be connecting to the db server via local network from your other droplets?

    Have you already hardened your ssh security and installed a firewall?

  • Yep. Its a local network connection and the server refuses any connection except from the server which the app runs. Thats for security but what about performance?

  • I am not aware if any particular server tweaks to optimize a db server, but there are tweaks for optimizing the database itself.

    how big is the database? or how big do you plan on it becoming? 10,000 records? millions of records? or something more simple?

  • Probably 100K+ records when it grow.

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