How to remotely debug Spring MVC application deployed on Tomcat 7 on my droplet?

November 2, 2015 2.7k views
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I have deployed a Spring MVC web application on my droplet.

Droplet details

My droplet has Oracle JDK 7, MySQL 5.x, Tomcat 7.0.x running on Cent OS 7.
I access my web application via a Apache server configured to pass on all requests on port 80 to Tomcat's port 8080.

Now there is a strange bug which is hard to reproduce in my local development system (laptop). It behaves correctly on my laptop but not on the droplet.

The bug

The bug is that when a user logs in, the session is not maintained on Digital Ocean but is maintained on my local development laptop. I have used Spring Security to implement a custom form based login. On the droplet, there are no error messages or failures. User can login and is redirected to the home page as required. However, the session is not maintained. When the user tries some other action which requires an authenticated user, a login form is again presented.

Remote debugging

I wish to connect my Eclipse debugger to my droplet. How can I go about it?

This question I posted here is *not *about the above bug, but about connecting my Spring STS (Eclipse) debugger to the Tomcat running on my droplet. This will help me step through and debug the.

I have searched Google and Digital Ocean but could not find any answers. Even opened a support ticket. The tech support staff recommended that I ask my question here.

Please help.


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