i have uploaded my php app developed in codeigniter on a folder in my sub domain...i get to see the login page but after login some pages are displaying as blank pages?Can anyone please help?

October 25, 2013 5.6k views
Link to the app https://pledgetovote.socialchamps.com/pledgetovotefbapp/index.php/login Also on my sub domain WordPress is installed is because of that my pages are not displaying
2 Answers
Do both WordPress & your app need to be on the same subdomain? Why not put them on separate subdomains? Or have your app on the subdomain and WordPress as a subdirectory?
It mostly means that there is a php error. Try enabling debugging:

Note: By default, CodeIgniter displays all PHP errors. You might wish to change this behavior once your development is complete. You'll find the error_reporting() function located at the top of your main index.php file. Disabling error reporting will NOT prevent log files from being written if there are errors.

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