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March 20, 2015 801 views
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I have a droplet on NYC2, which has up until now been running fine.

Today I was doing some heavy MySQL data migrations, and noticed the filesystem was extremely slow.

I had to backup/reimport a 7gb gzipped SQL file. It was taking forever, so I ran it through the following...

zcat myfile.sql.gz |pv| mysql my_db_name

PV lets you see the speed of files passing through. It topped out around 1-2mb/s and was taking too long.

During this length of time, I was able to...

  • Clone the droplet in the same region
  • SCP the SQL file over
  • Restore the SQL file to the new droplet

This all got done BEFORE loading of the first SQL file. Using PV on the second (duplicated) droplet, I saw speeds of up to 9mb/s

Is this a known issue with droplets in the NYC2 region? Do the disks just fail like this? Haven't had this happen before.

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