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I try to re-upload the files(HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and they're not updated.

March 15, 2016 1.8k views
Nginx Ghost Ubuntu

I'm using Ubuntu 14 with Ghost 0.7.8 and below is what I have done.

First, I want to upload a website (html,css,js) so I went configuring the ghost config file like this ..

location /static/ { alias /var/www/static/; }   

Everything seems good. I uploaded the files to "static" folder then when i tried to re-uploade, the files are not changed...

I have done the config that I found in stackoverflow and some websites which are

sendfile: off //in nginx.conf


expires: off //in my ghost config file

Also, i tried to restart the server, nginx and ghost.

I have already cleared the cache and always use CTRL + F5 to refresh all the time.

And the files are still not updated!

Thank you for helping me:)

Ps. If my English is bad, i apologize with that because I'm Thai and I have just learned English for 1 year, seriously.

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