Install PHP 5.4 APCu and Zend OPCache on Ubuntu

December 13, 2014 4.9k views

Is it possible to install APCu and Zend OPCache for PHP 5.4 ?
If so how can i install it for 5.4 ?

I already have 5.5 installed with APCu and ZendOPCache with ISPconfig, but now i want to have it also for 5.4

I`m using Ubuntu 14

  • Could you provide some details about your use case? Generally, installing two different versions of PHP isn't very well supported. What operating system are you on? Ubuntu? CentOS?

  • Hey - That`s not really a problem to use two php versions.
    Of course ISPConfig supports multiple PHP Versions.

    I`m using Ubuntu.

    My question is only if i can install APCu and ZendOPCache for PHP 5.4 also with the same installed modules ?
    Or do i need to install these modules a secound time for 5.4 ?

  • Yes, you would need to install them separately for each version of PHP. In PHP 5.5 Zend OPCache is bundled with PHP itself while on 5.4 it must be installed separately.

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