iRedMail server and/or zonefile setup problems

October 8, 2015 1.2k views
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I've tried to figure this out by reading the documentation found by googling and on DO's website, but I haven't found a clear cut answer to my problem.

I'm moving multiple email domains from my Bluehost.com to a droplet on DigitalOcean. I've installed iRedMail on a fresh centos 6.5 image. I've already got many of the domains and emails running on my iRedMail droplet.

I can (obviously) send emails between those accounts. I can send email to my Bluehost.com and Gmail.com email accounts. Emails to Yahoo.com and Outlook.com get sent to Junk folders. I want to stop having these emails sent to Junk folders.

Two things that I think are critical to making this work is a proper Reverse DNS entry and a SPF record. I've been trying different things over the past couple of weeks but still haven't solved this.

The following is the setup and things that I've tried. I'll detail what I have and have tried and hope someone can point out my problem. Domain names below are generic but follow the implementation format.

  1. I've installed iRedMail on a fresh Centos 6.5 droplet. Based on what I can remember on the iRedMail setup, it was recommended to assign a subdomain to the iRedMail server. I chose:


So when iRedMail/smtp send email, it will send out "HELO mx.myEmailServer.com" on handshake.

  1. On my Digital Ocean account, I added a PTR record (for Reverse DNS) which indicates the iRedMail server's (mx.myEmailServer.com) IP address.
  • When I do 'dig mx.myEmailServer.com' it shows the IP address as expected.
  1. For each of my domains' zonefiles (located on Bluehost.com), I add a TXT record with the following SPF information:

"v=spf1 a mx ptr include:mx.myEmailServer.com ?all"

  1. For MX records of each of the domains, I've used, for example for domain myDomain.com, mail.myDomain.com and created an A record for mail.myDomain.com. I've also tried created a CNAME to mx.myEmailServer.com for mail.myDomain.com. I think I also tried the IP address to the myEmailServer.com in the MX record. I don't know what is right.
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