Is any GUI panel from where we can manage our server?

Posted June 30, 2015 6.7k views


We want’s to access my server from GUI Panel just like the WHM Panel we have in Godaddy server.

So, is there any panel?


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I vote for CentOS Web Panel or Sentora..

Both are pretty resource friendly and runs fine within a 512MB along with couple of moderate traffic website (with caching off course)..

Both has a layout which any cPanel user may find easy to migrate to..

Both can be installed really easily and does rest by it self (just deploy a droplet, install the panel, rest, like all the software for web, mail, ftp, domain and such is installed and managed by the panel)..

  • I’d never heard of CentOS Web Panel (CWP). It’s pretty impressive!

    I’ve always done it on my own, but if I were to go with a panel solution, this would most likely be the one.

  • I started here at DO with zPanel.. But since the project was closed, thought of moving and there while searching found CentOS Web Panel..

    Tried it, liked it hence moved my production server stuff into a CentOS Web Panel running server here..

    Very user friendly, but extremely customization for pros also as gives to direct access to all running stuff..

You can purchase cPanel which runs on CentOS. If you search online you can find some cheap deals.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply.

    I am new to digital ocean and honestly new to handling the server side of the site.

    I’ve created a LEMP stack on my droplet, installing cPanel on this droplet shouldn’t be an issue right?

    Also, do you mean that I can get cPanel for cheaper from other vendors besides themselves?

You will need a fresh CentOS installation for cPanel.
And yes, there are many vendors you can buy cPanel from.

Ok, thanks.

Since we have a LEMP stack on ubuntu, do you know of any alternative to cpanel? Primarily, looking for something with a file manager, myphpadmin and ftp access? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks a ton!

I’d recommend WebMin. It’s fairly easy to use, and there is a nginx module.

After that, I’d say learn Linux (if time permits). If that’s not doable, WebMin is a great option to get you running with little knowledge.

There’s others that I’ve not tried, like:

Oh, and a shout-out to @Woet : sorry, but that was a lazy answer you gave there.

@JonsJava Great, I think I am on a better footing now having understood how to put it all together.

I just destroyed my droplet to so I can get a new one put together with centOS distribution and manually install the LEMP stack there. centOS seems to be better and more stable for web apps. Also, I’d prefer cpanel over other interfaces for the time being. When time permits I can explore others.

Thanks a ton for the help! :)