Issues with font icons not loading - CORS

May 12, 2015 3k views
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Having an issue with fonts not loading on my website.. I've checked with my CDN and confirmed that .htaccess has the correct headers. I was told to "to ensure that the header can be added to your htaccess codes (From:

I migrated my primary domain over to my droplet here and nothing else changed but the IP address. Right now I have a code running to load the fonts locally but this issue is still persistent and I've crossed all my "t's" and dotted my "i's".

Error from developer console : Font from origin '' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access.

Site is

  • Hi, did you ind any solution for this?

  • I did but I don't remember what it was.

    I think it was an issue with where the font were loading from. I cleared my cache and I think I went through and reselected my fonts on the pages that were having issues.

    I can go back to look if you are having the same issues. Also I think I have the fonts loading locally now instead of from the CDN.

  • Hi,

    i'm fedup with this problem, it would be great if you share the solution. I will be very thankful to you.

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