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Joomla and "www-data" problems

January 5, 2015 2.4k views

I have joomla installed on my server with Nginx and Ubuntu 14.10, I have several users created and each one has its own directory, each one has joomla and the permissions are okay, I use "user:www-data" for each directory and when I upload files through FTP, they're uploaded with the proper permissions and owners... the problem is when I install a module from Joomla, this installs with "www-data:www-data" data and with owner permissions only, so it doesn't allow to modify anything from the module and I have to login as root to change the permissions, but the problem repeats itself every time I try to install another module and I don't know what to do anymore, any suggestions?"

  • just to avoid confusion, can you clarify:

    -You have created several Joomla, or in Ubuntu?
    -each user has Joomla...not sure what you mean by this. Does each user have Joomla installed in their own folder, or do you mean that you have created several users in Ubuntu, and then created a user account in Joomla for each of those Ubuntu users?

    You should be able to run this command from any user who has su:

    sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www

    which will give permissions for user and group for all files and folders in /var/www

  • I've created the users on ubuntu, and each user has a CMS, if I only had one user I'd just change the "www-data" on the Nginx configuration for the user I'm using, but I have several users and the problem occurs when I directly install something from the CMS of X user, the owner is "www-data" and the user is not allowed to modify the files that have been created anymore and I have to login as root to change the permissions

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