Load Balance HAProxy with varnish server

December 1, 2014 3k views

Good morning everyone.

Set up a load balancing with HAProxy and varnish, but I thought that charging is very slow. Like this:

                                | Server 1 (Varnish) App
Proxy Server ->
                                | Server 2 (Varnish) App

All machines are basic initially, with 512 Mb of memory and 20 GB HD. I put only one application for testing. By placing the address of the site, is carrying at least about 3 seconds to start loading the page scripts, probably without cache. Seeing the log varnish, Age changes normally, but does not seem to cache.

This scenario is correct? Why the delay in loading the site?

Today I have a production server with varnish and various applications and is very fast loading, no more proxy in front.

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