Locked out of my server first day in due to some malicious software. Is hosting a VPS really that big of a security risk?

June 4, 2015 1.2k views
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Well, I asked a friend to help me set up wordpress as opposed to what was basically a slightly broken version of an install i made on a VPS. He essentially used some scripts to set it up. I changed some of the passwords before clicking the "private networking" button. I was notified within 10 mins of my droplet being used for "malicious attacks" and while staff messages would be helpful to more learned members, I wish to only take care of the basics and this isnt what i feel I signed up for sadly. I believe that if private networking is not enabled, there wont be a repeat of the same incident, but I would ask for advice nontheless. It's increadibly frustruating to be on the recieving end of the DDOS attack, I agree, but I would love it if someone from Digital Ocean took the time to actually help me fix this. I am a novice and tend to screw up in many little ways that could contribute to a gigantic mess, but I still feel I should be more than capable of running a VPS in peace.

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