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Mails go to spam despite mail test 10/10 result

July 1, 2015 3.5k views
Configuration Management Server Optimization


Today i've started configuring my SMTP server.

Added dkim and spf records (dkim using opendkim) and tested it with:

Despite all passed and 10/10 rate several mail services for example gmail classify my mails as spam. Could anybody help me solving this problem?

  • Are they bulk e-mails?

    You have a clean IP address. That may be the issue, but I'm not sure. Your IP is unknown, so they may be putting you on some kind of watch list.

  • Well im sending mails like "Hello I'm testing if this message will go to spam" And it goes :D


    Raw message text taken from gmail

  • This won't probably solve anything--BUT, if you have a non-gmail account, set your mail to send to a non-gmail account. See if it goes to spam there as well. You may have your spam settings in gmail set too aggressively, and it is blacklisting everything YOU havent originally sent to previously.

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