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monit shows activity on my droplet even if the website is idling

September 9, 2014 2.9k views

I setup monit to watch a few key metrics of my droplet. I started to get a few CPU and SSH alerts recently, event if the web app deployed on my droplet sees little to no activity since the project is on the ice for a few months...

Any idea why I get 40%+ CPU spikes?

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  • Hi,

    This is an interesting question, but I guess you need to be able to look inside of your droplet to understand what happens.

    Don't you have any cronjobs running, that may explain the CPU spikes ?
    Are you sure your VPS was not compromised, and that the CPU spikes don't explain unexpected activity ?

    To check this out, I would install and run rkhunter on the droplet, and would ensure to secure the SSH installation on that one. Then, I would create an iptables rules that would block the incoming traffic on public ports unless with your own private IP to be sure the threaten doesn't come from outside.

    If you still have CPU spikes when the traffic was blocked by iptables, then I would open a support ticket to check the monitoring tools on their side.

    By the way, do the monit metrics you retrieved are the same as the one you see in the Digital Ocean admin panel ? If you have differencies, then I would maybe think the monit tool is the one causing the spikes ...

    Let us know what you've found !



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