My site is getting slow after 300+ active user but server is not running at full capacity.

August 28, 2016 647 views
Apache Nginx Ubuntu

I was using a Nginx sevrer with Apache in backed on a 2GB RAM UBUNTU server. but my server was getting slow after 220+ active users so I switched to 4GB RAM server but still the server goes very slow around 320+ users. all other files except PHP are loading quite fast but in case of PHP the waiting time is around 6-7 sec. I think there is some issue with either Apache or Nginx configuration.

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  • Can you clarify the reason for running Nginx in front of Apache for this deployment? It's not necessarily a bad thing but does add a layer of complexity to figuring out where the issue is.

    Have you done any optimization or tuning of your web server configurations?

    Are you using FastCGI/PHP-FPM or Apache's mod_php?

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