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MySQL down from time to time

February 28, 2015 3.1k views

Running a small Wordpress blog (100-200 visitors) on a 512mb/Ubuntu droplet. There is about 200mb RAM (buffers/cache) in use.
A 1gig swap file is available.
No CPU or traffic peaks. Everything is fine...

But every day the mysql crashes 1-3 times. There are no new error logs.
MySQL went down and it is up again a few minutes later ... don´t need to restart mysql or any thing else.

  • sometimes Wordpress will get brute-force attempts and crash MySQL.

    Installing a plugin like Login Lockdown will allow you to see failed attempts. If you are seeing tons of attempts to login, then that is probably your issue.

    Changing your login page from wp-login.php to something different seems to solve that. I think that DigitalOcean does something with .htaccess on their default Wordpress installs, but I always install my own so have never seen what exactly they do.

    Any DigitalOcean people there who know what DO does to protect the wp-login.php page?

  • Sorry, my fault. The problem was the W3 Total cache plugin and its database cache. If I disable it everything works fine.
    But thx for your answere anyway!

  • @holger1411 database caching should not cause a problem, should solve it. maybe you need to check the configuration. are you using OPS, memcached or disk caching?

  • I use the W3 Total cache plugin for Wordpress.
    Everything was enabled (except CDN). After I disabled "Database Cache" and "Object Cache" the error did not appear again...

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