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MySQL, lot of request send to the server without reason

February 12, 2015 1.3k views

Hello, i don't know why but when i go to to the "States" of the mysql server in phpMyAdmin i have a lot of request who is done with my website on the server (to know why i'm in trouble on 3h uptime mysql server he take 4k request, but it doesn't make lag) and with 8 days uptime in localhost only < 1k request ! do u think my sql setup is wrong ?

  • That would depend what you are running on the server and what is making the queries.

  • Hum, i just see a problem here, on localhost my phpMyAdmin version is 4.1.14 and on server only 3.1.14 ! so, i think it's too old, but the sources list dont find a better version i don't know why

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