I am not from a networking background and trying to make sense with App Platform custom domain, my nameserver is manage by Digital Ocean and when I try to create a custom domain with app platform it ask me to create a CNAME and I dunno where to start so I read a bunch of tutorial to try to make sense of how to create a CNAME in Digital Ocean end up I finally done it and now it show this Error 1001 from Cloudflare network. I didn’t ever set up a Cloudflare before and wanted to try this App Platform. Please help …

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To create a CNAME in your DigitalOcean managed domain, first visit the Networking Tab within the DigitalOcean Cloud Control Panel, then select your zone from the list. Just below “Create New Record” on your zone-management page, click “CNAME”. In the hostname, put the subdomain you’re looking to create. For example, if you are trying to configure www.example.com, the hostname box should say “www”. In the next box (titled “IS AN ALIAS OF”) put your app’s full ondigitalocean.app URL. This should be something like “example-app-123456.ondigitalocean.app”. Then click “Create Record”.

Once this is complete, return to your apps control panel, select the app, and click “Settings”. Click “edit” network to the Domains line and then if the domain you’re adding isn’t already listed click “+ Add Domain”. Enter the full domain (www.example.com in the example above) and click “Add Domain”. Once this process is complete, the domain should be active in approximately 60 minutes.

If you’re seeing CloudFlare Error 1001 it’s possible you missed adding the domain to your app–the second set of steps above. DigitalOcean App Platform uses the CloudFlare network to provide CDN functionality and to protect your website from some threats.

  • Thanks for helping, it meant alot to me.

    I followed the step you provide, but now my domain have a A record that point to my another droplet so when I follow your step the subdomain actually point it to my server, with this happen what should I do ?

    • The App and Droplet won’t be able to share a common name (ex. www.example.com), but can share the same zone (ex. droplet.example.com and my-app.example.com). To change an existing A record to a CNAME, you must first delete the old record and then create a new CNAME record.

  • Im also having an issue. It is working with one of my domains. However if i type www before the domain it doesnt work. So for example

    www.example.com –> Does not work
    https://example.com –> works

    Do i need to add another custom domain in the apps settings to handle the www.example.com??

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