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Need some help on cron job.

August 16, 2015 2.6k views
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as per the guideline from a post of this community i have set my cron job like this.
0 6 * * * curl > /tmp/croncheck2 2>&1

and i saw on log that its executing correctly on time.

but unfortunately its not executing the task that my developer set to process on that file.

let me explain a bit in details.

i have a php application installed on my subdomain and that file(corn_job) is used for deduct credits of my clients account on appropriate time.

i spoke with with my developer and he says if he setup cron job on his hosting credits are deducting without any problem. but thats on his shared hosting with cpanel and and setting a cron job is really easy there.

the first thing i m suspecting is the execute command "curl" should it be curl in my case or something else?

thanks in advance

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