Need your opinion on apache performance optimization

November 24, 2014 1.5k views

Hi all,

first of all thanks for spending your valuable time on my post.

im a newbie, and hardly know anything about apache server optimization. i just installed one droplet through one click wordpress installation "Wordpress ubuntu 14.04" and after installing it on first step i have installed memcached for it. but i know i can do some more to make my site more faster.

my site using 512mb package of digitalocean.
web server apache
PHP 5.5.9

so few things i want to do but im confused that one conflicts with another or do i really need to do it for my server or not. so here is my to-do list. ill wait for your comments before i proceed doing these steps. also please suggest me if i should install something that's not in the list

  1. install mod_pagespeed
  2. Move Code out of Apache
  3. install w3tc plugin
  4. use cloudflare cdn

also if someone could give me some good configurations tip for w3tc with cloudflare ill be very greatfull to u.
i really appreciate and welcome all your valuable comments.

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  • As far as cloudflare is concerned it actually make my sites slower I use it for DNS hosting only which works great.

    mood_pagespeed is great, I have keep alive Off in apache to save resources and pages load very fast, I have 92 score in google page speed insights for a site full of scripts and photos.

    About cache plugin I would simplify and go for Quick Cache

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