No errors, but I can't see my deployed app yet!

April 20, 2015 945 views
Ruby on Rails Nginx


I have an existing rails application and I want to deploy it.

I used this gist/steps :-

Now the tutorial is specifically for
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 x64 + Rails 4 + Nginx + Unicorn + PostgreSQL + Capistrano 3

But I usesd
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.10 x34( my droplet image, the option I chose) + Rails 4 + Nginx + Unicorn + Mysql + Capistrano 3

Now I fixed all the errors that came up through the way and made sure that nginx is starting and the command "cap production deploy" works fine and gives no errors. I restarted nginx and then I went to my droplet's ip address and refreshed the page but nothing happens. Not even a spinner. I have no Idea what to do or how to debug this issue.

Can you help me please? Do you think it is a unicorn related problem?

As a side note my local machine is (ubuntu 14.04x64) but when I created the droplet I chose the image to be (ubuntu 14.10x32). I don't think it is the cause of my problem but I am just stating a fact.

Thank you

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