No service after installing GAPPS. HELP

January 19, 2015 970 views

I am using Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300). Recently, I changed my ROM to Paranoid ROM ver.4.45 (Kit Kat 4.4.4). I had the service signal until I installed the paranoid GAPPS. I have my "SIM toolkit 4.1.2 I9300ZSEMC1" backup on Titanium Backup, but it doesn't seem to be able to restore it unfortunately. I think it is because the ROM version is different with Paranoid. Now my phone cannot receive any signal at all! I cannot call, message etc. I did some researches too but I couldn't find any answers. The hints I got from those answers are about my radio turning on and stuff, however I didn't think that matter because mine is turned on. Are there any advises for me to restore the SIM toolkit or solve the no service problem? Also I don't want to change back my ROM and I want to keep Paranoid ROM. Please help...

More information(phone's status)-
Network: Unknown
Mobile network type: Unknown
Service state: Out of service
Mobile network state: Disconnected
IMEI: Unknown
Model number: GT-19300
Android version: 4.4.4
ParanoidAndroid version: 4.45

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