one click install django get importError: no module named

January 25, 2015 1.6k views

Hi, i followed this tutorial git cloned my project under user django and changed "django_project" to my own project
for some reason, i keep getting internal server error. i checked gunicorn log file. the error message was : ImproperlyConfigured: importError: no module named "some third party app",e.g: no module named "imagekit". however, i already installed all the apps in requirements.txt under my virtualenv. i use virtualenvwrapper, btw.

i also get error: secret key must not be empty. i set the secret key as an environment variable in the .bashrc. os.environ['SECRETKEY'] works fine in python shell, but it is None when i print SECRETKEY in my setting file.

i use multiple settings files. and have set DJANGOSETTINGSMODULE to myproject.settings.production. the system is ubuntu 14.04

anyone know what my real problem is??? thanks

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