OpenVPN - Bridge Home and DO private network

January 26, 2015 1.9k views

Hi there,

I was wandering if there was a tutorial, or someone could guide me on this. I have several droplets, 1 of which is a VPN. Each droplet has 'private network' so effectively a second interface that isn't internet facing.

What I want to do, I bridge my home network, with that private network. Basically, I want my droplets, and my home network, all to operate in the same subnet - while also maintaining their internet facing independence (e.g. nginx server/mailserver)

All my droplets are ubuntu/debian.

Is this doable?


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  • Most VPNs work that way, but you may need to set some routing/nat rules. So is totally doable, just look for your VPN server documentation, or guide.

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