Permissions for web folder, joomla 3.x

February 11, 2015 1.4k views

I have downloaded file from my site by using filezilla. After editing local this file I would like to upload file back to server, but ...

Filezilla gives me the following response

Response: 550 configuration.php: Overwrite permission denied
Error: Critical file transfer error

Files (0644) are owned by the user logged in with ftp so what's the problem with permissions?



  • Are you using FTP or SFTP to do this transfer? If you're using FTP what FTP server are you running and what configuration settings do you have in place?

  • I'm using FTP and I have defined FTP within an other domain which runs on virtual server. I have logged in with username defined for this my problem domain while transferring file (download and Upload) so basically I should be in my own directory.

    /home/cottages/public_html (0750)

    cottages (1003)

    Group (1002)
    cottages, member of www-data, ftp

    File properties I'm trying to upload (0644)



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