Ping from server gets too high sometime.

August 13, 2015 1.3k views
VPN Ubuntu

I have a ovpn server running in my droplet in Singapore and using it from India. It is running from 3 August. From last 2 days when I ping "" from client it is showing a average latency of 280ms. Earlier it used to be below 110ms. At the same time my other friend who also owns a droplet in Singapore is getting an average latency of 100ms. So for testing purpose I used my client certificate in his laptop and connected to my vpn server. Still I got the average latency of 280ms. So I think its not the problem from my side. And at the time I am writing this question I am getting an average latency of 150ms. I don't know why it got lowered automatically. But still it's not 100ms. I am using DO service behind a proxy server and our global IP is

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