postfix problem - hostname same as external email-account (via zoho.com)

July 8, 2015 1.7k views
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I'm running postfix on LEMP Ubunto 14.04
My webserver hostname "mysite.com" is sending emails fine internally & externally but not when I try to send it to my external email server (zoho.com) that is configured to send emails under my hostname. So my email-server (zoho.com) can send emails as "john@mysite.com".

When I send an email or notification from my webserver (or wordpress) to ""john@example.com" it throws an error "user unknown" (since it's not a system user). I tried aliases (incl. root forwarding) but those also never get delivered to my external mail server.

So actually I receive no system email at all at my external email server. What to do?

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