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Private NS in DO (IP / NS didnt want respond)

June 9, 2015 2.1k views

I already follow the tutorial in 'The Quick & Easy Recipe: Vanity Nameservers:' and here's the setting in DO DNS =

also already make private nameserver (as a main domain) = -->
[DO IP Based on] -->
[DO IP Based on] -->
[DO IP Based on]

And already pointing the to ns1 , ns2 , & (the NS that pointing to DO IP)

But still have problem like this =

Other domain that pointing to ns1, ns2, []

Please help me ASAP, Thank You

  • What exactly do you need help with?

  • I'm confused as well. The error you are pointing out is an error with how DO allows recursive NS lookups (not a good idea, but not a deal breaker for free DNS management). Nothing says that it's not responding.

  • @gp+digitalocean
    ya fix the Private NameServer system
    i want when domain (like what i've tried is NS pointing to &, can be connected to my DO Droplets

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